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Richmond House—Discover one of the regions top marketing consultants. Learn how to leverage your existing marketing budget. See how our consulting services can save you money. Find out how you can generate more customers through greater visibility and a better Business Presence.

Strategic Marketing — Marketing, sales, advertising, internal customer planning, pricing, product or service value, unique selling proposition, market activity, response customer feedback, response to market changes, and a host of other topics are all part of Strategic Marketing. We have resources to help you in every area.

Consulting — Let us take a look from the outside. You may have a terrific internal team or a number of external experts skilled in web design, SEO, Ad Words, advertising, CRM, product development and more. Let us consult with you. We can evaluate, organize, coordinate, facilitate, and even manage various elements of your business in to achieve the most effective results. Ask us about our Initial Marketing Consulting Review service.

Training — A fundamental business tool is the training and re-training of your leadership, team members, vendors, and even customers. We have depth in training expertise that can help you eliminate waste, take advantage of dynamic opportunities, overcome costly errors, and even improve your team's culture, attitude, and passion. Each of these could make the vital difference between success and failure. We do everything from classrom-type environments to distributed on-line training customized to your exact needs.

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