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We offer many skills and capabilities that can help you run your business better. Check out our Marketing page for both Business Internet services and General Marketing services.

In a consulting role, the depth and breadth of our involvement can be diverse, depending on your needs. Here is a listing of a few of the services we've provided in the past.

Consulting Resources • Business alliances
• Business turn-around projects
• Capital and business acquisition
• Competitor intelligence and research
• Field sales and customer care audits
• Growth and scalability 
• Negotiation and communication
• New product implementation
• Operations and management projects
• Sales and / or marketing projects
spacer• Trade shows and conferences
• Vendor relationships and strategies

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Avoid Fatal Business Decisions

Oh Crap! I can't believe we did that!Operating a business is both thrilling and can be frustrating as well – especially if you are making poor decisions in the middle of growth mode.

Any new or established business owner who desires a complimentary copy of our business report, "Ten Mistakes Growing Companies Most Often Make" can request it on our contact page.

This free report gives good counsel and answers some of the following questions...

  • When do you formalize your business entity?
  • In what situations do informal agreements work well?
  • What are the two biggest hiring mistakes?
  • What two rules about employees and partners are vital?
  • What item will absolutely kill your business if you get it wrong?
  • What is the worst mistake you can make with an accountant?
  • What single business practice will head off most mistakes?
  • What is the most important rule on business strategy?
  • What is the most critical business stance during crisis?
  • What issue regarding mistakes is most overlooked?

Prevent problems and improve the quality of your business decisions. Ask us about our Business Consulting Services.

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Business Analysis or Paralysis?


A very popular topic these days is Analytics. We're not referring simply to mathematics or accounting, for in proper context it is the "science of analysis." For the most part, we leave these complex calculations to scientists.

For the small business, a simple set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is helpful. In a productive setting, we set goals and measure results. Do you set aside time regularly to assess where you've been and where you are going? You should.

What are you measuring?

It is even more important to know when to stop measuring those indicators that do NOT measure key performance. A regular review of your business from different perspectives is valuable.

Most business people will take a look at their income-expense statement often. But that may be giving you information after-the fact. The design and use of standards can be challenging. Do not put it off. This is a vital part of operational, fiscal, and marketing success (see strategic marketing).

We can assist you to get this initialized and updated. Ask us for help with business analysis and evaluation.

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Media Development

Much of our media activity today is focused upon "non-advertising" messages that are video broadcast via Internet to inform customers about the benefits of doing business with our clients. Often that information tells the story of a completed project.

We are no stranger to television, radio, and print media, including book publishing. We often do creative work in conjunction with training projects, sales initiatives, or marketing.

We work in conjunction with other media professionals to make certain that the selling message and positioning are targeted properly. Here are a few of the areas we are good at:


• Books, magazines, newsletters
• Copywriting and scripting
• e‐books, e‐magazines, e‐newsletters
• Short and long form direct response ads
• Television and radio production / post
• Online video / flash / audio programs
• Project reports, videos, and white papers


Our most popular creative request right now has to do with Internet media projects. Take a look at some of the work product at our media sample site. Then contact us!RHI Icon

A Few Consulting Projects

Toscano ProjectReal Estate Marketing – When a real estate developer created an alliance with a financing company to promote a project, we were called in to develop an online information package to be used by investors to woo buyers. In addition, we also performed public relations work by completing formal interviews with municipal leaders for use in newsworthy articles. We also prepared a video to describe the opportunity.

Memory Hub Sales LeadeershipSales Team Development – When a national photographic services company initiated a test-market sales roll-out, we were brought in to manage the project and develop any training modules needed. We handled day-to-day sales team management, strategic marketing, and assisted with investor communications.

ECSS National Marketing Project Industrial Product Marketing – When a current consulting customer decided to ad a new service line to expand their niche construction business, we were asked to assist in completing market tests, develop trade materials, and create a Excel-based project-pricing tool to assist salespeople. We developed online and offline presentations, arranged for media coverage of roll-out events, attended trade shows, and organized national sales conference for the manufacturer.

Market EvaluationMarket Evaluation and Placement - When a large distributor of equipment tailored to the hospitality industry needed help to evaluate the market conditions in a distant city not close to their main sales area, we were contracted to physically evaluate hotel locations, meet with GMs, and place equipment.

Public Relations Articles for Food Processing Industry

Magazine Public Relations – A prestigous engineering company developed a new process for the handling, freezing, and processing of high-risk fruits. We were hired to generate publicity through international trade journals and magazines. We handled photography, interview, article writing, illustrations, and negotiated with publishers to get key placement before critical industry trade show season.

This is a common need in many companies.


Analytics and ToolsExcel Tools - We recently had a CEO who asked us to create a pricing tool in Excel. This is one of many data projects that we have completed. If you have people using spreadsheets to gather data for reports, the cost savings when a template or tool is created can be substantial.

Newletters and Whitepapers

Whitepapers Newletters – We've written or produced a variety of white papers, newsletters, and case articles over the years. These are usually rich in content and photographs. Collateral is always helpful as part of a sales kit for field sales team members as well for trade events.


Trade Shows

Trade Show Power – We've been closely involved in hundreds of trade shows and have provided everything from planning and staging, graphics and signage, product testing, lead capture, demonstra-tions, break-out sessions, and collateral.


We've found that the key to success on a project is to be immersed in activities "where the rubber meets the road." We like to get very close to the customer and discover their needs, capture any opportunities, discover new selling messages, while finding and solving problems.

So whether you are using us to test a product, discover new market opportunities, find the key selling message you need, or simply solve a perplexing problem with data, we are here to assist.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your project!

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