What is your Internet Visibility Score?

What is your Online Visibility Score?

The first step in establishing a quality Business Presence on the Internet is to increase your Internet Visibility Score (IVS).

Search engines, directories, and other online systems actually grade a business and deliver search results based upon it. So, what's your IVS?

When we complete a marketing audit, one item we research is the visibility you have online. We accomplish this using a sophisticated broad-search algorithm program.

Learn more about our NetCare visibility program by watching a short video explaining it. Start now to increase your online visibility using this highly effective, affordable solution!

And NOW, for a limited time–at no cost–we will provide you with an IVS report showing your CURRENT business visibility score.

Press button for FREE Internet Visibility ScoreSimply provide business name, zip code, and email address, and within 24 hours we will score you and provide you with a written report, at no charge!

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Create a better Business Presence

Since 2007, amazing changes have taken place in the business world. The traditions and standards of establishing a business presence via marketing and promoting a business have gone through a metamorphosis. Now, in order to compete for and get your fair share of customers, new strategies and tactics are in order.

Listen to this video about how you can affordably improve your business presence, customer volume, and fiscal health.

Discover the Affordable Two-Part Secret of Building Clientele

When you are ready for our help, we will be glad to assist. We offer the skills and experience in marketing to move you toward greater success.RHI Icon

Get Seasoning in Your Business

CEO and VP of MarketingThe day after a Marketing VP lost $20 million on a failed advertising project, he found himself in the CEO's office with resignation letter in hand. As he courageously handed his boss the letter, the seasoned business leader read it briefly then said, "I can't believe this Bob! I just spent 20 million training you and now you want to leave?!"

Business seasoning is not acquired in a classroom or by studying a lengthy article in a business leadership book. It comes from being in the trenches, handling risk, taking responsibility, and ultimately being engaged with the daily challenges of leadership. It can be an expensive education.

We offer expertise heavily seasoned with success in making good business decisions in hundreds of critical business situations. We've earned the right to consult, advise, and manage.

Download Capabilities SheetWe invite yu to preview our capabilities. Later, when you or a collegue have a need we'll be happy to help. Call us.

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Are Your Customers Happy?

What happens after a customer calls?

What's the most frustrating aspect of doing business today? From a customer point-of-view, it is not being able to contact a decision-maker to solve a problem!

A few years ago, the owner of a small but thriving enterprise decided to save a few dollars by firing his receptionist and then rely on his new telephone menu system ("Press 2 for Sales") to effectively handle inbound calls. How do you think that worked out?

Businesses today should be organized in such a way that a customer can contact them easily. Will it be in-person, via phone, or by fax, email, chat lines, web forms, text messaging, QR codes another way?

As you establish communication links with your customers be certain that systems are in place to make the connection. You must be set up to respond with positive Internal Actions when the customer arrives.

Besides communication, there are other ways to make customers happy. Our Marketing Audit can often identify opportunities that you are not taking advantage of right now. Let us evaluate your business. Our our aim is to improve overall performance and profitability.

Contact us today and learn how this valuable assessment can leverage your existing advertising, promotions, and public relations work.RHI Icon

Communication Equals Profit

Communicate Better Now!

Who profits from good communication in your organization? Is it only the people close to the owner or key leaders?

What positive capability do you know about your company that no customer has ever discovered? When is the last time you told a customer how much you appreciate them?

Are you taking advantage of every legitimate way to connect and build relationships with your customers, vendors, key suppliers and community members?

Are you up-to-date in your communication standards, strategy, technology, messaging, and more? (see Strategic Marketing)

Each of these questions is critical to your success. These days, even small competitive differences can dramatically effect the bottom-line. Let us help you consider all the ways that you can better communication connections internally and externally.

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